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February 09 2013

December 29 2012

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December 19 2012

December 12 2012

When I asked Russell a while back for alternatives to steampunk, he suggested 80s-punk, all massive walkmans and Nike Air Jordans. Back To The Future 2. Technology without the network.
Starpunk | booktwo.org

December 09 2012

November 28 2012

October 30 2012

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PopTech 2009: Will Allen

Will Allen is co-founder and director of Growing Power, Inc., an organization that is transforming the production and delivery of healthy foods to underserved, urban populations. Growing Power operates as an urban farm and education center in Milwaukee, WI, and more recently, Chicago, teaching urban youth how to produce low-cost healthy foods for their communities.

October 25 2012

October 09 2012

October 04 2012

Beginning with Schafer and Double Fine’s bid to make an adventure like they used to in the old days, to Fargo’s relaunching the Wasteland saga, to Obsidian’s promising an RPG like Planescape, to The Banner Saga’s tile-based combat, to Planetary Annihilation’s pledge to be like RTS games you remember.

Even at more modest levels, it’s been about bringing back card trading games, old-school platforming franchises being revived or imitated, a thousand SNES-style RPGs, and so many pixel-styled graphics that the 80s looks sparse in hindsight. Developers have been stating in their own pitch videos, and subsequent interviews, that Kickstarter has often been about finally escaping the clutches of the publishers, able to spread their wings and be creative where the evil money-men would crush them, able to innovate, innovate, INNOVATE! But almost no one is.

Kicking It Old School: The Peril Of Kickstarter Nostalgia | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

May 17 2012

Wo sind weltweit boomende Genres wie Fantasy im deutschen Film? Nicht existent. Trotz mindestens einem halben Dutzend erstklassiger hiesiger Romanautoren auf diesem Gebiet. Trotz einer deutschen Fantasy- und Horror-Tradition, die wie der Nibelungenschatz darauf wartet, gehoben zu werden.
Deutscher Filmpreis: "Das Grauen... das Grauen!" | Kultur | ZEIT ONLINE

April 04 2012

Gemüse Statt Weissbrot!

Ketzerische Frage: Wäre es nicht gleich besser, wenn statt dieser Billigweissbrotbrötchen richtiges Gemüse auf den Markt käme? Was hilft es, wenn Sozialhilfeempfänger mit Schrott gefüttert werden, der sie chronisch krank macht, wo dann der Staat wieder Medikamente bezahlen "darf"?
Wenn die ÖPNV günstiger und die Möglichkeiten von urbarem Land da wären, könnten sich grosse Teile der Bevölkerung mit zusätzlichen grünen, gesunden und nahrhaften Nahrungsmittel versorgen. Die meisten können oder wollen nicht für Geld arbeiten, für sich selber und die Familie - da bin ich mir sicher - liegt ein halber Tag in der Woche drin. Wir müssen sie nur machen lassen. Dann müssten die Getreidebauern auch nicht ständig steigenden Ertrag verkaufen und die Böden könnten sich von der mittlerweile hundert Jahre alten Monokultur erholen.
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April 03 2012

Idee für mp3-App: Nutzung von Wetter-, Geo- und Uhrzeitdaten zur Optimierung des Shuffles.
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February 20 2012

January 30 2012

January 29 2012

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January 16 2012

Task: Make a screensaver for 2012
  • Your task is to come up with a concept for a screensaver that is both suitable to the screensaver format and updated to a 2012 understanding of interaction design. We are looking for ideas that go beyond the traditional screensaver format, or which reinvent that format by applying design thinking to a field full of visual cliche.
  • Two general directions are suggested (but not required):
    1. Ambient data gadgets – screensavers as data aggregators and visualizers.
    2. Computational graphics – parametric visuals.
  • If your idea is too ambitious to realize in a 3-day time frame we want to see convincing screen mockups of how the screensaver would work. But we would rather see a real demo that’s rough around the edges than a slick Photoshop sketch. You must submit at least one Processing sketch illustrating part of your screensaver’s functionality.
Code & form » Screensaver culture

January 02 2012

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